PVC Halls and Tents

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C tents, awnings are suitable for any outdoor events, banquets, festivals or catering. It can also be used as a garden or terrace shed.

Our tents provide an Air-Control system which prevents them from condensation. It makes them a great warehouse, workshop or hangar.

It is possible to see set up in real life - projects that have already been installed throughout the territory of Europe. At present, we have installed more than 350 projects in Europe.

Available sizes:

Tent width: 4m; 5m; 6m; 8m;

Tent length from: 4m to 150m (step 2m, but also 1m extension is possible);

Tent side wall height: 2m; 2.5m; 3m; 3.5m; 4m.

Gate Width: 1.85m to 3.83m;

Gate Height: 2.10m to 4.59m;

Three different gate configuration options: Curtain type, liftable and sliding up and zippered entrances open at both ends;

The central entrances are higher than the sides.

We provide delivery to your address throughout the territory of Europe, delivery time on average 4-6 days after payment confirmation, delivery price 50 Eur. Delivery outside European countries is also possible.

We also offer mounting services.

Wide application, rigid steel construction, easy to assemble and install anywhere.

All-season PV

All season construction:

Galvanized 50mm steel pipe frame;

Hot-dip galvanized frame for corrosion protection;

Construction pipe diameter 50mm;

Construction pipe thickness 1, 6mm;

Connector diameter 54mm;

Mounting thickness 1, 7mm;

Base feet 14cm in diameter with 3 holes  each 13mm in diameter for fixing the bases;

Reinforced constructions, cross ropes and metal tie-down corners are also available.

All-season tent PVC cover.

Tents are intended for the use all year round, allowable temperatures:

 -40 C to +60 C.

PVC material thickness / weight varies from 500g - 620g / m2.

500g / m2 and 560g / m2 PVC matt surface, fastening with rubbers;

580g / m2 coated with a slippery layer of varnish, which facilitates the cleaning of snow in the winter, snow slips easily, fastening with rubbers;

600g / m2 fireproof as well as slippery coating, easy and more reliable tensioning with "slings", which allows the cover to be tensioned regularly;

620g / m2 fireproof, thicker material, as well as slippery coating, light and strong roof tensioning with "slings", which allows the cover to be tensioned regularly.

PVC material fasteners - strong rubber and self-adhesive fasteners (Velcro) and slings;

100% waterproof, airtight.

Air-Control system (prevents condensation);

PVC overhangs and overlaps (for drainage and wind protection)

UV protection.


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